• One-Of-A-Kind Custom Fashion - Michele Zousmer

    Posted by Norma Hill

    Michele Zousmer Shawl    

    Norma Hill has a unique ability to capture our life passions and translate them into beautiful fashion pieces that inspire!  One of Norma’s latest creations was an incredible shawl for social change photographer, Michele Zousmer of Rancho Santa Fe.  Norma’s creative talents paired with Michele’s brilliant and powerful photography made for a striking shawl that is not to be missed.

    Said Michele, "Norma, made me a fabulous shawl using images I took in Ethiopia.  Every time I wear it I receive so many compliments.  The color of the images and the sharpness is perfect.   I can't tell you how glamorous I feel when wearing it out and about!  Thank you Norma. I love it!!”

    Michele Zousmer travels the world photographing divergent peoples and cultures. The resulting images express the dignity of our universal connection. As she explains,  “I am a humanitarian photographer. I use my camera as a tool to help me tell stories of people and cultures around the world.  I believe the visual image is powerful and can create a lasting impression of emotion, curiosity, caring and hope of mankind.  In the right hands an image can help people heal, advocate, empower and be given dignity . I hope my work is adding to the global conversation of diversity.”

    The soulful intimacy of Michele’s photos comes from having developed personal relationships with her subjects, spending time in their world and capturing the essence of their culture.

    Norma and Michele share a deep passion for bringing awareness to pressing humanitarian issues and this piece is a wonderful representation of their passion.

    For more information on Michele Zousmer Photography click here.

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  • Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

    Posted by Norma Hill

    As a Norma Hill Designs Ambassador and travel lover myself, I took
    some of my favorites fashion pieces out to Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend. As my boyfriend, his dog and I made our way out to the high-desert for the first time, I couldn’t help but to be so mesmerized by the Joshua Trees lining the road and going on for miles and miles. They have such a distinct look to them – unlike any other tree I’ve seen and I quickly began to see what makes this park so iconic.  
    On our first night we took a sunset hike on a desert trail which ended in some huge boulders that overlooked the valley. Craving some adventure, we climbed up the steep boulders and quickly found ourselves at the top with an incredible view just in time for sunset. There really is something special about a desert sunset; somehow the colors are more vibrant, the landscapes silent and later the stars breathtaking.

    Camping at Ryan Campground, we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and Joshua Trees which made for a perfect background while cooking up some dinner with our camp stovetop on a picnic table and sharing stories around the warm fire. 




    I never go on a trip without my Nature’s Fantasy Shawl.  and this trip was no exception. The soft pashmina material kept my neck warm and looks super cute with anything from hiking attire to boho chic to elegant dress. I find myself reaching for it no matter what I’m wearing!

    So, enjoy Joshua Tree and do yourself a favor and invest in a beautiful Nature’s Fantasy Shawl. It will be your new favorite accessory! 

    Keep wandering and keep loving beautiful people. 

    Xx, Elle Farrell

    P.S. Stay tuned for the super special and new necklace coming soon to the website (sneak peek below!)



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  • Norma Hill Funds Mindfulness for At Risk Youth

    Posted by Norma Hill

    Norma Hill Designs is pleased to partner with the Sean O’Shea Foundation, a San Diego non-profit that works to bring mindfulness practices to Title I schools and organizations that serve “at-risk” youth. FromDecember 1 through 24, Norma Hill Designs will donate a percentage of all purchases to the Sean O’Shea Foundation to help fund its CALM Kids initiative, which trains educators in techniques that weave mindfulness into daily class activities. 


    Says Norma Hill, "An important part of my business is connecting with causes that I am passionate about.  I am grateful that I can use my creative talent to help at risk youth in some small way."


    The mission of the foundation is to empower youth through yoga, nutrition, and optimistic teachings that help to develop life skills that can: enable youth to take responsibility for their life, develop respect for themselves and others, and have confidence in their own potential.

    Visit the Sean O’Shea Foundation to learn more about the wonderful work this charity performs.  And be sure to visit NormaHill.com and make your purchases during the month of December to benefit this fantastic charity.

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  • Norma Hill Hosts Room to Read Benefit Party

    Posted by Norma Hill



    Get Active for Education in India on October 21st.  Room to Read is a leading nonprofit for children's literacy & girls' education programs in 14 countries with our largest operations in India.  It’s an exciting year in San Diego because all proceeds from this event will benefit Room to Read India programs!  Support and learn more about Room to Read’s programs in India by attending this entertaining and inspiring event. To learn more - follow Room to Read on Facebook.

    To celebrate International Day of the Girl, Lucina Di Meco, the Director of Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program, reflects on her own journey as a first-generation college graduate and the importance of providing girls with strong role models. You can read her full letter here
    We have benefited over 47,000 Girls with our Girls Education Program.  
    When Girls Stays in School... Life improves for everyone.
    Whether or not a girl stays in school has an astounding effect on not only her quality of life, but on her future family’s as well. For a girl in one the most underserved parts of the world, staying in school longer means she is more likely to build a smaller and healthier family, lower her probability of contracting HIV, and earn a higher wage. She is also more likely to marry later and educate her own children — ending the cycle of illiteracy in one generation.

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  • Believing Is Seeing Talk Radio Featuring Norma Hill

    Posted by Norma Hill


    She's an artist, designer, photographer, and refers to herself as a social alchemist. Watch the radio show recording from October 17 to hear how Norma Hill uses her talents and passions by transforming her art into timeless fashion that uplifts and inspires.

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