• Norma Hill Collection


  • Women of Valor Scarf Top


    The words and images of the Women of Valor Scarf Top inspires feelings of feminine value and beauty.

  • African Abstract Kimono


    The earthy tones and strong geometric designs from African textiles blended beautifully with details from modern European art to create this fun bold design.

  • Nature's Fantasy Scarf Dress


    Experience the magic of being enveloped by nature in this free flowing dress, perfect for warm summer days.

  • Rhapsody Shawl


    The Rhapsody Shawl features vibrant flowing colors to uplift your spirit and faux fur lining to keep you warm on nights out.

  • 65 Roses Scarf


    Elevate your mood when you wrap yourself in the warm colors and elegance of nature.

  • Venice Spirit Kimono


    The Venice Spirit Kimono exudes style and grace with a stylish European flair.

  • Soho Graffiti Scarf Top


    The striking lines and colors of the Soho Graffiti Scarf top make up our most popular graffiti design. 

  • Gypsy Caravan Scarf


    The soft colors of the Gypsy Caravan Scarf create a perfect light and airy gypsy feeling for those days you wish to be transported.

  • Cathedral Mosaic Tunic


    Be bold and radiant in the stunning colors and geometric patterns of the Italian inspired Cathedral Mosaic Tunic.

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