Posted by Norma Hill

As a Norma Hill Designs Ambassador and travel lover myself, I took
some of my favorites fashion pieces out to Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend. As my boyfriend, his dog and I made our way out to the high-desert for the first time, I couldn’t help but to be so mesmerized by the Joshua Trees lining the road and going on for miles and miles. They have such a distinct look to them – unlike any other tree I’ve seen and I quickly began to see what makes this park so iconic.  
On our first night we took a sunset hike on a desert trail which ended in some huge boulders that overlooked the valley. Craving some adventure, we climbed up the steep boulders and quickly found ourselves at the top with an incredible view just in time for sunset. There really is something special about a desert sunset; somehow the colors are more vibrant, the landscapes silent and later the stars breathtaking.

Camping at Ryan Campground, we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and Joshua Trees which made for a perfect background while cooking up some dinner with our camp stovetop on a picnic table and sharing stories around the warm fire. 




I never go on a trip without my Nature’s Fantasy Shawl.  and this trip was no exception. The soft pashmina material kept my neck warm and looks super cute with anything from hiking attire to boho chic to elegant dress. I find myself reaching for it no matter what I’m wearing!

So, enjoy Joshua Tree and do yourself a favor and invest in a beautiful Nature’s Fantasy Shawl. It will be your new favorite accessory! 

Keep wandering and keep loving beautiful people. 

Xx, Elle Farrell

P.S. Stay tuned for the super special and new necklace coming soon to the website (sneak peek below!)