• Artist Pairs Fashion With Social Advocacy

    Posted by Norma Hill

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - (date): New York/San Diego artist, photographer, and philanthropist Norma Hill is on a mission to connect her beautiful, uplifting art, fashion, and home decor with the world of non-profit organizations helping women and children in need.

    Says Hill, “My art is a manifestation of my life, my travels, the rooms I grew up in, my deep connection to nature, and my desire to heal myself and the world. When I take a photograph, whether in a rain forest or on a graffiti filled city street, I try to capture something that moves me, that tells a story about that particular instant in time. It’s my way of processing what I see in the world.”
    Hill has created an exclusive line of scarves, apparel, and home decor available through her recently launched online boutique at NormaHillDesigns.com. Her intent is to bring art into the everyday world and inspire and empower her clients with luxurious fabrics, colorful imagery and positive words that uplift one’s spirit.
    Beyond her unique pieces, it’s her proprietary methodology that truly sets her apart. Having devised a way to print her photographs onto fabric, her method offers endless possibilities to personalize fashion and home decor using a client’s own images and concepts for that one-of-a-kind wedding or special occasion gift.

    Her unique collections call upon symbolism and draw awareness to causes close to her heart. “I begin with a single image, idea, or inspiration. The story grows as I incorporate other pictures, colors, and techniques. It’s a spiritual journey for me, and I try to infuse the piece with positive energy and words. I am grateful that the technology exists to bring the beauty I see in the world to everyday objects that uplift people and help those in need,” says Hill.

    Working from her Encinitas studio, she continues to create iconic textiles from her images. Hill’s ever-changing, limited edition offerings sell out quickly, and often become collector’s items. Her popular, current series incorporates sacred icons and texts from various cultures to promote harmony in diversity, helping to bridge the conflicts that exist in the world today.
    Along with the sale of her online store items, Norma Hill is available for commissions of fine art, fashion, and custom fabrics for home or office. A distinct feature of her work is the ability to incorporate a client’s own logos and/or images into the piece to create a “branded” design.

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