In The Beginning

Native New Yorker, Norma Hill, began her photographic journey more than four decades ago.  After graduating from Bard College, her love and involvement in the arts drew her to her first job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
Her unique approach and perspective landed her a job photographing art and architecture in Europe and the Middle East. In the late 1970's she settled in Paris where she studied darkroom techniques and learned the art of hand painting black and white photographs using oil paint. 
After returning to New York, she studied Polaroid transfer techniques at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Subsequently, she was one of just six artists in the world chosen to be a creative consultant to Polaroid. 
Hill's photo exhibitions have been featured at Christie's in NY, the French Institute, the National Arts Club in NYC, Gallery Solferino in Milan, the Edwin A. Ulrich Museum, the New York Public Library, Studio 54, and many other renowned venues. Her work has also been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Newsday, Better Homes and Gardens, and Modern Photography. She also produced and starred in her own cable television show, entitled "Focus on Photography”.
While growing her career, Norma worked behind the scenes with a group of fellow artists called ‘The 6 of Us’. Together through the Interfaith Nutrition Network, they raised funds to help feed the homeless and provide them with shelter and social services.  In 2009 Hill relocated to San Diego where she continues to create art and dedicate herself to humanitarian efforts.  

Norma Hill Designs Is Born 

Upon first arriving in Southern California, Norma took part in “Art Meets Fashion,” a fashion show benefitting at-risk children. Using digital technology Norma found a way to transfer her art onto fabric to create a one of a kind piece for the event. It was then that she realized transferring her images to create textiles for fashion would allow her to share her talent on a much broader scale and Norma Hill Designs was born.  
Once limited to gallery prints, her art is now available to the masses where it has greater potential to influence, motivate, and empower others.


Hill’s life-long desire to give back and her love of art and fashion led her to create Fashion4Change, an organization that works primarily with non-profits dedicated to making positive change in the world.  She saw that her fashion could be a powerful vehicle to benefit the causes she cares deeply about.  If you are interested in working with Fashion4Change please contact us at